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Rhetoric - Mehrtrainerlizenz

Rhetoric - Mehrtrainerlizenz

Trainingsunternehmen und Trainerinstitute pro Standort und maximal 10 Trainer/ Nutzer. 

Table of contents 

What is rhetoric?

Basics of communication
Levels of Communication
Different Manners of Communications
Suicide Words and Emotive Words
Examples of Emotive Words
How to Express Negative Issues in a Positive Fashion
Exercise Sheet: Positive Expressions

Language and effect
Four Aspects of a Message
Four Ways of Perception

Body language, appearance, personal conduct
Select Elements of Body Language
The Three Most Important Elements of Applied Body Language
Body Language, Space and Distance Zones

Methods of conversation control 
Controlling a Conversation 
Question Technique
Active Listening 
Balancing a Conversation 
Control and Feedback
How to Deal with Dissent
Fair and Unfair Dialectics

Structuring and giving a speech
Structuring a Speech
Ten Tips for Your Personal Preparation
Giving a Speech
Courage to Talk 
Reduce Stress - Increase Self-Assurance
Seven Vents for Stress
An Orator's Seven Cardinal Sins, or: A Surefire Way to Lose
Observation Sheet
Presenting and Visualizing 
Structuring and Preparing a Presentation 
Organizing a Presentation
Visualization / Multimedia 
Tips for Preparing Transparencies
Presentation Technique

By the letters: structuring and giving a speech

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