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Full Research Functions (DE, UK, COM)
TOP BSR | Avg Sales | Winner / Looser of the Day | New / Designs

Full filter functions

Detail view for 5M+ designs

Brand, Title, Bullets, Price, BSR, Reviews, Date listed, Categories & BSR + Price History 7/30/All Days / Top Keywords

Event calendar with 900+ events 

For all marketplaces into Fun, Sports, Occasions & Special

More than 400+ categories collected by the Ninja Team 

Manage Favorites

add, change, delete, csv export feature with image preview

Top Brand List  

Merch Ninja Community


MerchNinja KW-Tool

AMZ Page 1 Top Seller keywords

Find the most relevant Amazon Top Seller Keywords for your listing

AMZ Search Volume

Shows the estimated Amazon Search Volume

AMZ Auto Completion / Suggestion

Use the integrated Amazon Autocompletion to find Keywords

CSV Export + including search volume

KW / Niche Analyser

Google Trends

Ninja Live Search

Ninja Academy

24/7 Customer Support


MerchNinja TM-Tool

All MBA Marketplaces (GER, UK, COM)

All relevant institutions
GER or DE checks simultaneously WIPO, EUIPO, DPMA
UK checks simultaneously WIPO, EUIPO, IPO
US checks simultaneously WIPO, USPTO

Listing Completion
Grabs listings through ASIN (GER, UK, COM)

Listing Check
With just a few clicks you'll check your listing

Phrase Detection
Recognizes common phrases and umlauts
Shows detailed infos + links to all institutions

Only relevant results
Check registered wordmarks of nice class 25

TM Watch
Check if there are newly registered TM's on a daily basis

E-Mail Notification
Get an e-mail notification if there are new detected TM's you put on your "Watch list"

Ninja Live Search
With the "Merch Ninja Live Search" you are always one step ahead of the competition. Live really means LIVE data!

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