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CES Meditations - Exercises

111 minutes of MP3 downloads

This is a beautiful collection of meditations and exercises form Conscious Evolution Summit 
2018 and 2019

Agathi Chris - heart imagery exercise
Anneloes Smitsman - envisioning your future potential
Anodea Judith - grace meditation
Aurora Pagonis - sacred space
Craig Hamilton - who is aware
Craig Hamilton - evolutionary impulse
Sister Jayanti - recharging your inner battery
Laura Kaestele - body-mind awareness exercise
Lion Goodman - change your belief
Loch Kelly - being aware of awareness
Marisa Peer - I am enough - hypnosis session
Miranda Macpherson - inner fountain meditation
Ralf Marzen - how you regulate your aliveness

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Cynthia says:

I found these soulful meditations to be a source of gentle, nurturing guidance. All are helpful in different ways for more deeply connecting to my own inner guidance, grace, love, and my unique place in the realm of conscious evolution.

Customer says:

I found these gentle, yet powerful exercises and meditations extremely helpful. They bring me quickly and easily back into my heart and soul space. With them I can also reconnect and remember the presence and quality of the field I experienced during the Conscious Evolution Summit.

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