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Finally, Sleep for your Baby

You'll receive the complete Finally, Sleep for your Baby Package (guide, audiobook & sleeping music + access to our personal support) instantaneously via E-Mail even if it's 3 in the morning.


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André und Melanie H.:

We were so close to complete desperation, our son Mark (14 months) cried really EVERY night and couldn’t fall asleep at all. Your guide was really the first thing that made a significant difference. After 2 weeks, my husband and I could finally return to a normal sleep schedule and our Mark can now sleep throughout the entire night as good as always. Thank you so much and all the best!

Christa W.:

Hi Susanne, I just wanted to personally reach out and thank you for your amazing book. I had a very hard time to get my daughter to sleep, it was a daily struggle and it was also really hard on my general wellbeing. I tried several of your techniques and we just had a breakthrough a couple of days ago. I am already recommending your guide to other mothers in our daycare center. Cheers, Christa

Yes, I want the maximum success for the sleep training of my child!

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- The official Sleep Training Q&A Handbook with 100+ pages of invaluable answers to real-world tough questions.

- The complete Sleep Training Checklist which will help you to not even miss the smallest detail and prevent your child from regressing.

- The Sleep Training Cookbook that helps your child to have the right nutrition for a healthy sleep.

PLUS! Access to the Parent Academy. Inside you will receive personalized guides, audiobooks and videos for your individual family situation.


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