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Candi All in One Preset Pack V1-V5


Now NEW including brand new Candi Classic Collection V5

Candi presets are the easiest way to optimize your image editing. Thousands of Candi Preset users swear by the workload it brings.

Over 200 presets, development and print templates.

Pack contains the following Candi Preset Packs

Candi Presets v1.1
Candi Presets v2
Candi Presets v3
Candi Presets v4
Candi Presets V5 (NEW)
Candi Print Presets
100 Candi mood boards

Bonus: less time editing, more time for the essentials -> family or photography!

These templates give you the perfect base for your individual style. You can get your pictures to have a consistent, authentic and consistent look.

The development presets are usable for not only Adobe Lightroom but also Photoshop (Camera Raw) and Video (V5)

All in One Presets is a combination offer for all Candi Presets currently available.


Now every Preset also as mobile Preset for the free lightroom app available!

New: 60-days money-back-guarantee! 

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