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Entrepreneur Ignite Bootcamp

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The "Entrepreneur Ignite Bootcamp is a highly intensive 5-day workshop in which you learn everything and above all DO everything to start your company successfully. On Monday morning you start and on Friday evening the notary comes and founds your company with you.  You get an all-round carefree package that covers all of this:  


DURING the Bootcamp:

  • Learn all about entrepreneurship, your business and yourself to start your own business successfully.
  • Set up much faster: Instead of weeks, months or even years in only 5 days
  • Avoid costly mistakes that can quickly cost you tens of thousands of Euro
  • Create your complete business plan (idea, business model, marketing and more)
  • You create a financial plan for your business
  • Fill in all necessary formal applications (trade office, tax office) righ there
  • You open a bank account
  • You set up your company righ there (notary costs are already included in the price)
  • We will go through the different possibilities of financing and who you have to address how
  • You learn a complete system for goal setting and goal achievement
  • Learn different techniques to better concentrate and relax
  • And many more exciting topics
  • You will receive an interesting software package
  • You get lunch and dinner every day incl. all drinks  

AFTER the Bootcamp:  

  • At the end of the bootcamp you have a step-by-step plan for the next months.
    After the boot camp there will be a 12-week mentoring program with six group coaching sessions.
    You also get access to a community of like-minded founders (all alumni of the Bootcamps have access there)  

All these things are ALREADY INCLUDED in your investment. This investment in your future will change your life.  

The event will take place in Berlin at Lux & Asa, Herzbergstraße 122/123, 10365 Berlin.


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Hermann Scherer says:

Franz-Philippe Przybyl knows exactly what he is talking about. A clear recommendation for all those who are either just starting their own company or want to develop the existing one further.

Christian B. says:

Thank you very much for the consultation! It was an eye-opener, peppered with many valuable impulses for me as an entrepreneur.


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The Entrepreneur Ignite Bootcamp is organized by FPP - The Entrepreneur Creator / ICS Finance GmbH, c/o WeWork Sony Center, Kemperplatz 1, 10785 Berlin, Tel: 030-6098 5878 8, email:
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