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Diploma im Money Management for Traders

How to Ensure Profit and Avoid the Risk of Ruin.

You will gain fundamental knowledge about

  • This is My Money Management System
  • Confidence in Your Plan
  • Risk Psychology and the Trader’s Mindset
  • Not Every Trade Will be a Winner
  • Entry Rules and Your Trading System
  • Stop-Loss Exit Rules
  • Scaling Out and Scaling In
  • Using Risk-of-Ruin Tables and the Optimal Formula
  • Using the Two Percentage Risk Formula and Proper Trade Size Formula
  • Tracking Profit and Loss Results and More Formulas for Success
  • Risk Management Rules to Choose From etc.


1 month

This course will be assessed on the basis of one assignment. We believe doing practical assignments are the best way to assess the ability of the students and also it is the best way to make them apply what they have learnt into practice. Students can start their assignments from day one and complete the course as soon as they submit their assignment.

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