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Diploma in Finance and Accounting

In this diploma course you will learn how to use financial statements, to understand the basics of accounting as well as how to setting up an accounting system for your business.


  • Mastering Financial Management
  • From Strategy to Business Plan
  • The Accountant in You
  • Your Company's General Ledger
  • The Chart of Accounts
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Watching Your Cash Flow
  • Managing Payroll
  • Inventory Control
  • Cost Control
  • Managing Internal Controls
  • Managing Commercial Lenders
  • Using Venture Capital
  • Proprietorship, Partnership, or Incorporation?
  • Your Business Obligations to Uncle Sam
  • Sharpening Company Tax Smarts
  • Partnerships, S Corporations, and Limited Liability Companies
  • Developing a Financial Plan
  • Forecasting Your Future
  • Preserving the Bottom Line
  • Developing Growth Strategies
  • Partnering with Vendors
  • Trouleshooting Your Business System
  • What's My Data?
  • Flexing Your Financial Muscles
  • IFRS Fundamentals


6 months

This course will be assessed on the basis of one assignment. We believe doing practical assignments are the best way to assess the ability of the students and also it is the best way to make them apply what they have learnt into practice. Students can start their assignments from day one and complete the course as soon as they submit their assignment.

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