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High Performance Coach Diploma

If you want to learn how to help clients in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance, then this course if for you. In this diploma course you will learn several kinds of coaching approaches, such as "The Psychodynamic Approach", "The Cognitive behavioural Approach", "The NLP Approach" as well as others to become a professional coach.
The study material has been written by leading international authors, each chapter of the book makes explicit links between theory and practice, with questions and case studies facilitating further reflection on the topic.
There are three parts you have to deal with:

  • Part 1 explores the theoretical traditions underpinning coaching, such as cognitive-behavioural, gestalt and existential.
  • Part 2 covers applied contexts, formats or types of coaching, such as developmental, life, executive, peer, team and career coaching.
  • Part 3 focuses on professional issues that impact on the coach, such as ethics, supervision, continuing professional development, standards and mental health issues.


3 months

This course will be assessed on the basis of one assignment. We believe doing practical assignments are the best way to assess the ability of the students and also it is the best way to make them apply what they have learnt into practice. Students can start their assignments from day one and complete the course as soon as they submit their assignment.

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