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Forex Trader Diploma

Have you ever been dreaming of being a professional forex trader but didn't know how to do it? Now you have the opportunity. Do this diploma course and become a currency trader. You can work at home or in your office. And the best of all, you don't have a boss.

  • Understand what makes the foreign exchange market the largest and most liquid financial trading market in the world
  • Utilize the latest analytical tools and techniques for making informed trading decisions
  • Learn how to apply practical, cutting-edge strategies specifically geared towards trading currencies
  • Discover the most important characteristics of successful foreign exchange traders


3 months

This course will be assessed on the basis of one assignment. We believe doing practical assignments are the best way to assess the ability of the students and also it is the best way to make them apply what they have learnt into practice. Students can start their assignments from day one and complete the course as soon as they submit their assignment.

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