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HAFENLIEBE FTHSB Preset Pack 02 (Adobe Lightroom)

This is my latest preset pack for Adobe Lightroom and the one I'm editing with at the moment. These presets obtain a cinematic look and feel. A little less contrasty and less harsh than the ones from Preset Pack 1.

The "For The Hearts Still Beating Preset PAck 02" contains 2 color and 2 black & white presets, which are meant to deal as a starting point, combined with more than a handful toning options and tools, this is my arsenal of choice for every situation I came across at weddings the last years.

On topf of all that a bunch of presets from my so called "Toolbox", that I use to fasten up my Lightroom workflow.


Keep in mind that especially a cinematic and moody look is not only achieved by editing and colors but by the way you use light when shooting.

These presets will only work in Adobe Lightroom.


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