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Project Management Plan Templates

Project Management Plan Template Package

You have to write a project management plan? Than you have a lot of work to do.

Because a project management plan is a very extensive document that deals with many different topics, this task is complicated, if you are not experienced in it.

Developing the document structure, identification of contents and mapping out ideas can easily take you more than a whole day. Therefore in comparizon with your saved time, the cost of the template package is very low. Even if you are still at the beginning of your career.

Your main benefits for using these templates

  1. Headings and sub-headings predetermine the most important contents of the project plan, even here and there a bit standard text. That means a perfect quick start with high confidence and less stress.
  2. Predefined document structure and design simplify your work and help you to get real work done.
  3. A lot of time is saved and can be used otherwise. Every minute saved is money saved.

This Template Package Includes:

  1. Project Charter Template
  2. Project Management Plan Template
  3. Scope Management Plan Template
  4. Requirements Management Plan Template
  5. Schedule Management Plan Template
  6. Cost Management Plan Template
  7. Quality Management Plan Template
  8. Process Improvement Plan Template
  9. Resource Management Plan Template
  10. Communications Management Plan Template
  11. Risk Management Plan Template
  12. Procurement Management Plan Template
  13. Stakeholder Management Plan Template
  14. Financial Management Plan Template
  15. Post Project Review Template
  16. WBS Dictionary Template
  17. Milestone List
  18. Gantt Chart
  19. Activity Cost Estimation Template
  20. Budget Template
  21. Feasibility Estimation Template
  22. NCR, Testing and Inspection Registers
  23. RACI Chart Template
  24. Daily and Monthly Report Templates
  25. Risk Register Template
  26. Vendor Evaluation Template
  27. Request for Quotation Template
  28. Comparison Sheet Template
  29. Payment Application Template

Product description:


Project Management Templates


Set of 13 project plan templates and other project documents, registers and forms. Easy to use for project management beginners and experienced project managers. These templates have been created since 2013 and hsve been continuously updated.

Prepared by:

Marc Arnecke, PMP



Last Update:


File Type:

zip-archive (4 Mb, containing MS Word and MS Excel files)

All documents are created in MS Word or Excel and are editable. All documents can also be opened in Open Office / LibreOffice.


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EUR 19.99

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How can these project management plan templates help you?

This templates form the skeleton of your new project plan and provides the structure of the same. Consequently you achieve a great deal of progress already by entering initial information. Templates not only simplify your work and make you more efficient, they also reduce your stress.

Usually it is a task of a team and not the work of an individual to write a project plan. Therefore, you can assign the individual modules of the template package to your team members. Thus the workload is distributed.

The templates contain defined fields, such as page numbers, tables of contents, release dates, reference and version numbers, among others. Such fields either update automatically or are only filled out once and are repeated in certain places of the document.

The use of templates leads to great time and consequently cost savings. This is a major undeniable advantage.

EUR 19.99
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