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Project Management Template Set 40+ PRO - 2022

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Set of 40+ essential project management templates that will get you off to a good project start and save you a lot of time.

This set has already been successfully used by many project managers and has helped them to achieve project success right from the start.

On the other hand, the set is also often used by students to prepare for a project management career.

Get the set now and save yourself a lot of time and work.


Marc Arnecke, PMP - ARMACO


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USD 79.99

Claim for Extension of Time (EoT) and Associated Cost

Many project managers know it. In the course of a project, costly changes occur. If at all, only a fraction of the costs are paid.

In most cases this can be prevented by consistent documentation and communication.

These templates are an ideal addition to the project management template set and make your work a lot easier.

Secure this advantage now and save a lot of money.


Marc Arnecke, PMP - ARMACO


One-time payment, no subscription.

USD 11.99

Daily and Monthly Project Report Templates

Regular correct reporting is an important aspect in project management and is often neglected or contains errors.

Nothing is worse for a project manager than to be confronted with problems, quality defects, delays and other things and to be left empty-handed and without arguments due to a lack of correct reporting.

Be smarter and use the reporting tool to avoid this unnecessary expensive mistake.


Marc Arnecke, PMP - ARMACO

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