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luzides träumen binaurale beats, träume besser erinnern, traume

Visual-Emotion Lucid Dreams

Learn lucid dreaming with binaural beats and improve your dream memory, apply suggestions yourself and experience states of consciousness for lucid dreaming

On this MP3, music and sound sequences created with a keyboard can be heard, which favor it to experience deeper into suggestible states and lucid dreams.

In addition, frequencies, binaural beats, have been installed that lead through four different states of consciousness, from beta (waking state) to alpha (between waking and sleeping), theta (light sleep) and especially delta (deep sleep). On the way to the slower frequencies, suggestions and silent subliminals also stimulate the dream memory and can then be taken to other places. Maybe a trip to the African jungle or to the pyramids in Giza? All possibilities are open and these brain waves or frequencies inspire wonderful journeys. A successful variant to improve your dream memory and to experience lucid dreams as well as to be able to remember dreams and to increase the dream memory or even to experience AKE.

Increase dream memory, remember dreams, increase dream memory, AKE

Spontaneous detachments from the body cannot be ruled out because the mixed tones are largely in the delta state. The different feelings that can be triggered when listening to the MP3s are particularly beautiful and have made this MP3 very popular, especially for women.

Ideal for listeners who prefer music and various sounds from nature. This MP3 contains suggestions, subliminals, sound files and music. Please use headphones.

Duration: 45 min.



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