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Luzides träumen lernen, seltsame träume, zukunftsträume, träume

Strange Dreams - Lucid Dreams

Stimulate dreaming, trigger lucid dreams / lucid dreams and improve dream memories with binaural beats for lucid dreams for personal dream research

As a rule, you can prepare for a pleasant kidnapping in a distant dreamland, with a little science fiction feeling in the preliminary program. Strange sound patterns, electronically or not directly classified. These were overlaid with a frequency that strongly stimulates dreaming. With this MP3 with binaural beats you can improve your dream memory and inspire you to dream in general.

Listen to music as Oneironaut Alien Sound and UFO to become your own dream researcher

The exciting thing about this MP3 with binaural beats is that strange synth tones have been mixed with sounds and music to give a strange impression and to lead the listener into distant worlds. The built-in sounds are designed to automatically awaken associations in the subconscious and allow them to seep to the surface of the consciousness.

This MP3 contains many sound and music effects. Promotes creative and crazy dreams.

Ideal for dream researchers, cybernauts and sci-fi fans.

(This MP3 contains sounds, music, suggestions, subliminals, binaural beats and sound files. Please use headphones.)

Duration: 30 min.



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