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DMT-Spiller - Acvtivate Pineal Gland

DMT Spiller - The DMT frequency with DMT sound to achieve DMT trips through meditation to activate and stimulate the pineal gland

DMT-Spiller (DMT-Spucker) was created directly to address and stimulate the pineal gland with sound and frequencies to literally 'spit out' DMT.

Of particular interest is the increasing frequency that the pineal gland is supposed to address so that the body's own DMT is released or "spit out". Very ingenious when trying to get DMT from the pineal gland into the blood in a legal way. The amount of DMT is very small, but it is effective in any case. The effects of listening to this MP3 with its frequencies move the consciousness into another state. Most listeners who tested them found this MP3 to be very intense and awareness-raising.

The body's own DMT to promote the pineal gland and DMT release is best with a DMT Binaural Beats Meditation
Of course it is important that you lie in bed relaxed, close your eyes and listen carefully to the sounds.

Not too loud, i.e. so that you can hear the vibrating sound just now. But you can experiment with the volume independently and then estimate which volume is the best.

Delivering DMT from outside is prohibited, but it is allowed to use digital drugs to use the body's DMT

An increasingly stronger tone stimulates the pineal gland up to a high frequency. The intention is to address and stimulate them with the additional pineal tone simulation. It really hits the mark!

This MP3 should be heard with headphones when lying relaxed in bed or sitting in a comfortable armchair.

Duration: 30 min.

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