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Marihuana Simulator, Marihuana binaurale beats

Marihuana – Weed for Legals

"Consume" legal marijuana with digital drugs and legally trigger highs. Experience the wonderful marijuana effect through binaural beats.

The cannabis effect, i.e. the effect of THC, is invaluable for many people in their spiritual development. It is not primarily about getting high, but more about expanding your own consciousness and opening yourself up to information that lies outside of normal everyday consciousness.

Legalization of marijuana is increasing in many countries around the world. But so far this is still missing in the German-speaking countries. Marijuana use has been banned in these countries so far.

Using this frequency, binaural beats, is legal and simulates a condition reminiscent of marijuana. It can also be used for self-healing.

The popular marijuana drug is harmless than alcohol and is also much more fun. The frequencies, binaural beats, of this MP3 simulate a state of intoxication that is reminiscent of marijuana. Highly recommended!

This MP3 has only the pure frequencies, binaural beats, under which a noise was placed, without music, without additional tones. Please use headphones.

This MP3 is suitable for beginners and advanced users alike.

Duration: 10 min. - Perfect for continuous loop!!!


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