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crazy dreams

Crazy Dreams

Surreal and crazy dreams but also intense dreams, for dream interpretation with dream symbols

Who does not know that? You wake up in the morning and have a completely crazy dream at night. One only remembers a few pictures from this dream that appear surreal and completely crazy, with dream symbols ideally suited for interpreting the dream.

Unfortunately, one does not remember well enough or can no longer really understand what happened. There are also crazy dreams in which elves bite elephants or ants turn into birds. One crazy picture chases the other. It seems that the artist Salvador Dalí himself has put his own dreams into practice.

Intense real dreams for creative dreams and intense dreams every night

With these frequencies it is possible to experience exactly such crazy and surreal dreams, but also intense dreams and creative dreams. It puts the brain in exactly the state that opens you up to this kind of dream. Such dream experiences can also be very inspiring and promote creativity. Thus, these frequencies are well suited for artists, adventurers, interpreters of dreams, but also for anyone else who likes such intense real dreams.

This MP3 has only the pure frequencies, binaural beats, under which a noise was placed, without music, without additional tones. We do not use melodic music in this MP3, because experience has distracted us from repeated listening and you do not want to hear it at some point. This concept makes it much more pleasant to listen to the pure frequencies. The noise that is placed under the frequencies prevents headaches and makes the frequencies more pleasant to perceive.

Please use headphones.

Duration: 60 min.

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