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Learn and learn telekinesis and psychokinesis through binaural beats. Psychokinesis or telekinesis is the mental ability to move objects with the power of thoughts.

In the film "Push" this is demonstrated excellently, which possibilities psychokinesis has. It can be used to achieve subconscious abilities as well as to ward off enemies.

On this Mp3 there are binaural beats for psychokinesis. At the same time, psychokinesis can be focused through meditation. In addition, a psychokinesis guide is included in PDF format.

This special MP3 can be used in two ways:

1. You place an easily movable object e.g. on the table, e.g. a table tennis ball.
Then you lie down in bed, start the MP3 and concentrate for the next 10 minutes on moving your object from your bed with your mind. For this you can use a pen or similar. Make markings on the table to recognize his success.
2. Or you sit down e.g. to the table, starts the MP3 and focuses on the object with open eyes.
For starters, it would be good to use a very light object. Maybe a table tennis ball or a mobilé or a paper snake that is attached somewhere or something similar. If you get better over time, maybe you can try other items. The psychokinetic power needs a development that one builds up gradually.

This MP3 helps you to strengthen your psychokinetic powers and puts your brain in a vibrational state that comes closest to a psychokinetic expression of strength. Don't think that the MP3 alone is enough to move an object with your mind. It supports the uncovering of this slumbering ability within you.

This MP3 only has the pure frequencies below which noise was placed, without music, without additional tones.

This MP3 is suitable for beginners and advanced users alike and you should listen to it with headphones during your exercises to move something with your mind.

Duration: 10 min.



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