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Lucid Dream 2

Learn Lucid Dreaming No. 2

Experience lucid dreams and learn lucid dreaming with binaural beats for a lucid dream

The sequel to "Lucid dreams No.1".

The first few minutes on the MP3 are empty so that you have enough time to relax and prepare for the next little trip.

Learn lucid dreaming, consciously dream and learn lucid dreaming quickly with binaural beats is the best guide for lucid dreaming to learn lucid dreaming quickly.

This MP3 with binaural beats is recorded with sounds from nature and the environment and is considered an inspirational sound and sound MP3 for creative dreaming and the awakening of associations, which can then be reflected in the nightly dream events. At first you get the feeling and the auditory impression of being in a kind of amusement park, in a vehicle that carries you far away ...

Brain frequencies as techniques for lucid dreaming and lucid dream techniques as a guide to lucid dreaming to trigger a WILD are possible

WILD means "Waked Induced Lucid Dreaming", i.e. the art of getting straight into a licid dream from a relaxed state. The music and sounds on this MP3 serve to experience a direct transition to a lucid dream.

This creates imaginary images in the head that become clearer and clearer until they become so clear that they appear before the eyes. At this moment it is possible to go into a lucid dream, directly and from one moment to the next.

This MP3 with binaural beats contains many sound effects.

Optimal for meditators and beginners, without suggestions, experience sound.

This MP3 contains tones and sounds and noises. Please use headphones.

Duration: 50 min.



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