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Live streaming: 17 presentations on 18th and 19th June 2020.

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What attendees say

Markus Becker:

The speaker lineup is awesome and I´m really looking forward to learn more Growth hacks to share the philosophy with my clients from the energy branch.

Daniela Wassmer:

In a world where every brand fights for attention, marketers are most likely to keep their best practices to themselves. That's why I love the concept of GrowthEurope. They enable growth hackers all over the globe to connect and share their best ideas in an empowering environment. Experts and rookies get together in one place, to reach one and the same goal: Become the best at their craft.

Jens Polomski:

As a senior marketing manager and start-up coach, I have been involved in growth marketing for many years, but if you stop getting new input, you will fall by the wayside!

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