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I Want It, But What do I Get With The Overnight Millionaire System?

  • Vibrational Wealth Coded Frequencies (sounds that activate your right brain wealth receptors) Value $297

 "These frequencies easily caused my body and mind  to relax during stressful moments."  -Christine

  • Hypnotic Suggestions (millionaires and billionaires best kept secret) Value $197

 "It was very hard for me to lose weight, but after listening to Wesley's suggestions, I lost 20lbs in the first 30 days!" Jennifer

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming - Belief Transformation (Eastern ritual to change cancerous beliefs in 7 days Flat)            Value $597

 "It was difficult to believe I could quit my job and earn $10,000 a month, but WOW, the NLP section in the system made all the difference, it strenthen my belief and now I own a profitable business and spending more time with my family." Rick

  • Emotionalized Journal Writing to accelerate goal achievement (imagine hitting your biggest goal in the next 30 days) Value $297

 "The best journal writing course I've ever taken, Wesley really breaks down the science on how this work, I was doing everything wrong before getting this." -Chrisy

  •  Guided Visualization Exercise  (induce clarity to see desired goals easier) Value $99

 "During the exercise I had tears in my eyes, but after doing it, I  am not clear on what I really want." Rodney

  • Powerful Sleep Subliminal Audios (program your brain for millions while you sleep like a baby) Value $397

 "This was crazy! After 7 nights of listening to the sleep audios, For the first time in a long time, I woke up happy with a ton of energy!" -Jerry

  • Negative Thought De-Programing (say good bye to all negative thoughts) Value $297

 "I did not think this would work so fast and evenhtough I am not rich yet LOL, my thoughts are now primarily positive. It's working." -Jessica

  • Unconscious Manipulation to boost instant change within minutes Value $197

 "I love how Wesley explained the unconscious mind, it was very simple and easy to get." -Nick

  • Alpha State Inductions to clear your mind for rapid manifestations (be careful what you wish for while in this state, because it will happen fast) Value $99

 "After Using these inductions, in 30 days I purchased the car of my dreams, its very strange how fast this works once you surrender and just do it."  Ben

  • Sacred WORDS that trigger Good Feelings (these words triple the oxytocin and serotonin levels in your body - Feel Good Hormone)  Value $147

 "The emotional pain I felt before, I realized was only temporary when I decided to use these words during my day." -Karen 

  • 1 Free Call With A Manifestation Coach (the most life changing call you'll ever have in 2020) Value $299

"This 15 minute call changed my life, and the life of my family.I'm so happy now." -Jose

and 7 Bonuses...
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"Hi Wesley, I just wanted to thank you for your knowledge share in “Overnight Millionaire Program” 🔥 It felt so so so amazing today to tell myself that I’m wonderful, powerful, amazing, influencel, important etc. that I just heard my own voice telling myself that in my head while I got a negative though! It is the first time ever that I’m talking to myself in the mirror, but also the first time smiling to myself in the mirror and that made me cry in a good way!! You are amazing for sharing all your knowledge!! You have no idea how much your program did for myself, my focus on money but also change other people: thank you so much! Keep influencing people, and keep doing what you’re doing!!" Bless you and your kids 🌟 -Tracy

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