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Video sound frequencies: Super focus - To increase concentration, improved learning, more relaxation, better well-being, serotonin release and as a learning aid for better learning with binaural beats

The special thing about these video frequencies with binaural beats is the double stimulation!

As usual, sounds are sent to the brain via the ears, but this video also transmits optical stimuli in exactly the same frequency range.

This creates a double force. This is unique so far and was further developed by Jonathan Dilas.

These special sophisticated frequencies train the brain via eyes and ears to expand the corresponding frequencies for reaching super focus as quickly as possible and to increase more space for better memory and to promote personal paranormal ability.

Improve learning ability with beta frequencies, coupled with video frequencies, solfeggio frequencies and binaural beats

Binaural beats are tones that the brain can bring to a certain frequency. The frequency presented here is optimally suited for: Better concentration, good well-being, more clarity and a sharper focus, also ideal for better learning.

This video has the frequencies below (binaural beats), below which a noise was placed, with soft music and harmonizing solfeggios.


  • Light beta at 13 Hz
  • Solfeggios at 528 Hz
  • Download: approx.1,200 MB.

Best player: VLC player or SM player.
Application: Sit close to the screen with your eyes closed or with your eyes open if necessary from a distance of 1 m. As desired.

Duration: 20 min.

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