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Package - Inner Silence - Dissociation

The big dissociation package! To meditate to achieve dissociative states - inner silence - "deactivate" ego!

With these 4 frequencies you are on the safe side to go into a deep and dissociative state. The contained frequencies help you to achieve the dissociation and thus access to all knowledge.

This is about achieving the dissociative state. This means silencing the mind and achieving inner silence.

In any case, dissociation is one of the superpowers that a person can activate in themselves. Dissociation is the often misjudged ability of humans and therefore the best technique to accelerate their spiritual path. It is the superhero ability that slumbers deeply in every person and hopes for their revival. So suddenly memories of past lives can become conscious or knowledge of any kind.

Also as a gift for yourself or for your partner or a good friend!

Instead of 95 euros ONLY 69 euros!


A whole four frequencies in one package at a special price.

1. Audio-Video Frequency - The Dissociation (30 min)

Dissociation with alpha frequencies is therefore the optimal mix to reach the dissociative state more easily, a state in which one can no longer think. Because dissociation is nothing else, namely the ability to temporarily block your flow of thoughts. Because only thinking constantly tells us who we are and where we come from. If it is not possible for the consciousness to temporarily no longer remember who you are, you can find access to all the other personalities that existed in our subconscious or in other lives.

2. Video frequency super focus (20 min)

Binaural beats are tones that the brain can bring to a certain frequency. The frequency presented here is optimally suited for: Better concentration, good well-being, more clarity and a sharper focus, also ideal for better learning.

3. Constructive dissociation (30 min)

Constructive dissociation is the most powerful and effective technique to achieve your personal and / or spiritual goals. Out of body experiences in three minutes are possible, direct entry into lucid dreams, but also health, wealth and much more. Apart from mind-expanding substances, dissociation is the most powerful means of doing this.

4. Inner Silence & Dissolve Ego (60 min)

Our new exercise session is about achieving the dissociative state. This means silencing the mind and achieving inner silence. In this dissociative state, expansion of awareness and knowledge are possible, as well as storing and increasing one's own energy. This is done by calming the mind and letting the ego take a back seat.

There are various possibilities with the technique for dissociation:
1. Configuration of innumerable forms in trauma therapy (psychologically)
2. Fragmentation of the self and subsequent full defragmentation (from a therapeutic point of view)
3. Reintegration of repressed and split off personality parts (from a therapeutic point of view)
4. Exploring the subconscious (therapeutically)
5. All kinds of enlightenment (spiritually)
6. Self-knowledge of all kinds (psychologically and spiritually)
7. Lucid dreaming (also for the treatment of nightmares)
8. (Spontaneous) healing of the physical body (in medical terms)
9. Exploration of your own personality aspects and their configuration (also in therapeutic terms)
10. Exploration of alternative realities (also in quantum physical terms)
11. Exploring Other Incarnations (Spiritually)
12. Reaching higher states of consciousness of all kinds (spiritually)
13.Development of paranormal abilities of all kinds (clairvoyance, precognition, telepathy, telekinesis, etc.)
14. Conscious change in the psychic body and use of it (spiritually)
15. Reactivation of the pineal gland (spiritually)
16. Time dilitations (also in terms of quantum physics)

Duration: over 140 minutes !!!

Please use headphones. With MP3 players, please make sure that only simple stereo is switched on and no features such as surround stereo or mixed stereo.

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