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Home Workout Guide English - Vanessa Mariposa

I’ve developed a HOME WORKOUT guide designed to get your body defined and toned in the fastest and most effective manner. You can train anywhere, whether at home, in the gym, when you’re on vacation ect. This workout guide contains 2 FULL BODY - HIIT workouts and also a SIXPACK and a BOOTY workout. My plan will shape every single muscle group in your body optimally.

What's included?

  • 2 FULL BODY HIIT workouts, a SIXPACK workout & a BOOTY workout transformation program
  • Body weight exercises (can also be done with additional weights)
  • Tailored for females
  • My top tips to save calories, stay slim & healthy
  • Precise Workout instructions
  • Inspiration: How I started my fitness journey
  • Gym bag essentials
  • Supplement recommendation
  • Optimizing recovery
  • Note: Each workout takes about 20-40 minutes
  • Note: You can determine the number of workouts yourself


  • Train wherever you want (at home, on vacation etc.)
  • Make your body curvy from the right places
  • Get lean and toned
  • Optimize your muscle gain and fat loss
  • Gain more energy and handle stress better

Who is the plan for?

  • My workout guide is for everyone who wants a beautiful, defined body (suitable for beginners through to professionals).
  • You can complete this plan at home, on vacation, in a hotel room, or in the gym.

What do I need?

  • Motivation to achieve your fitness goals
  • Sportswear
  • No membership in a gym needed

If you have any questions about my guide, just send me an e-mail to vanessa.mariposa@gmx.at. You'll get an answer as soon as possible!

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