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Hydrogen Online Conference 2020 - Gold Collection

24h Conference Recording + Slide Presentations (Login personalized)

Get access to 24 hours of world-class hydrogen knowledge. You will benefit from the largest hydrogen conference ever with 11,268 participants from 95 countries.

✓ Bart Biebuyck | FCH-JU, Executive Director |Title: FCH-JU a successful European public private partnership on hydrogen

✓ Jackie Birdsall | Toyota North America, Senior Engineer | Title: Fuel Cell Electric Everything

✓ Prof. Dr. Christian Breyer | LUT University, Global Alliance Powerfuels partner | Title: German Energy Agency | Exclusive study preview: Green Hydrogen Products & Future Global Markets

✓ Jorgo Chatzimarkakis | Hydrogen Europe, Secretary General | Title: The European Hydrogen Strategy – How to implement?

✓ Bill Elrick | California Fuel Cell Partnership, Executive Director | Title: California’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Market: From Initial Launch to Market Expansion

✓ Hartmut Fehrenbach | Hexagon Purus, Vice President Hydrogen Distribution | Title: The key role of composite storage systems in hydrogen distribution

✓ Pierre-Etienne Franc | Air Liquide, VP; Hydrogen Council, Co-Secretary | Title: The start of a new cycle…

✓ Ronald Grasman | Hyundai Motor Group, Vice President Global Fuel Cell Cooperation, Fuel Cell Center | Title: Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: Moving from Vision to Mission

✓ Enno Harks | BP Europa SE, Deputy Director, External Affairs | Title: The role of hydrogen in a low carbon future

✓ David Hart | E4tech, Director | Title: Does it matter who wins the first leg of the hydrogen marathon?
✓ Prof. Dr. Christopher Hebling | Fraunhofer ISE, Director Division Hydrogen Tech. | Title: Hydrogen – Between Fundamental Research and the Promise for the Defossilization of the Global Energy System
✓ James Hetherington | Australian Government, National Hydrogen Strategy Team, Director | Title: Realising the Australian hydrogen opportunity
✓ Prof. Dr. Katsuhiko Hirose | HyWealth CO, CEO & Chief Consultant / Kyushu University | Title: Hydrogen’s Societal Value: key for the Hydrogen Communication
✓ Dr. David Wenger | Mission Hydrogen GmbH & Wenger Engineering GmbH Founder | Title: #HOC 2020 – Highlights of Part 1
✓ Roland Kaeppner | NEOM, Director of Hydrogen Development | Title: NEOM HELIOS – Driving Hydrogen Economy into Reality
✓ Craig M. Knight | CEO of HYZON Motors Inc, CEO of Horizon Fuel Cell Group | Title: Accelerating the Energy Transition through Hydrogen Mobility
✓ Dr. Sascha Kühn | kraftwerk TUBES GmbH, CEO | Title: Advanced SOFC Technology as the solution for commercial vehicles
✓ Jon André Løkke | Nel Hydrogen, CEO | Title: Hydrogen production and fueling for BIG applications
✓ Kurt-Christoph von Knobelsdorff | NOW GmbH, CEO | Title: Towards Zero Emission – Hydrogen in Germany
✓ Audrey Ma | Re-Fire Technology Co., Ltd., VP Marketing and BD | Title: The start of a golden decade toward commercialising fuel cell products
✓ Randy MacEwen | Ballard Power Systems, President & CEO | Title: How to reduce friction points to fuel cell technology adoption for heavy duty mobility
✓ Morry Markowitz | Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association, President | Title: Celebrating Hydrogen’s Present and Future in the U.S.
✓ Prof. Dr. Christian Mohrdieck | Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell GmbH, CEO | Title: Modularization Concepts for Fuel Cell Engines
✓ Eiji Ohira | NEDO, Director | Title: Japan’s policy and activity toward realizing hydrogen based society
✓ Prof. Dr. Bruno G. Pollet | NTNU Team Hydrogen, Leader & IAHE - Green Hydrogen Division, President | Title: The role of Norway in the hydrogen sphere
✓ Werner Ponikwar | Linde Hydrogen FuelTech GmbH, Managing Director | Title: From today to tomorrow: A potential roadmap heavy truck fueling
✓ Sunita Satyapal | U.S. Department of Energy, Director | Title: U.S. Department of Energy Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Perspectives
✓ Jesse Schneider | Nikola Motor Company, EVP Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology | Title: Taking the Truck out of the Carbon Equation: Deep Dive into Alpha Fuel Cell Truck Prototype Nikola Two & More
✓ Prof. Dr. Armin Schnettler | Siemens Energy, EVP New Energy Business | Title: Large-scale electrolysis – precondition for the global decarbonization
✓ Sanjay Shrestha | Plug Power Inc., Chief Strategy Officer | Title: The Hydrogen Economy: Powering our Future
+ Bonus: Mission Hydrogen Webinar Collection 2020 (approx. 40 webinars with high-class experts)
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Webinar Collection 2020

Access (Login personalized) to the Mission Hydrogen Webinar Collection 2020:

✓ All hydrogen webinar recordings of 2020 (past and future)
✓ Speakers' presentations
✓ 100+ hours of world-class hydrogen knowledge
✓ Ideas and inspiration for your profitable hydrogen future

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