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Transform You - Life According To Cate

After Reading The Book You Will Become:

  • More aware of your feelings
  • More aware of your energy
  • Be able to diagnose your own limiting beliefs
  • Heal and unlock the life that was really meant for you


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K Kiely says:

"This gorgeous must-have book shares some interesting insights to the habits that trip us up, time and again. With simple to follow techniques to practice, you are reminded that regardless of what’s going on externally in your life, you alone are responsible for your reaction to it. I only wish this had come out years before as I could have saved myself a lot of unnecessary pain. Love love love it. Cate bares her soul, her history and that’s so refreshing in a world where everything is edited and airbrushed to so-called perfection. Reading it is like having a conversation with a friend."

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