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Sixpack Power Breathing - RP 6 - Video


RP 6 - Reference Point 6

Video - Breathing Exercise of 

Dr. Joseph Weissenberg 

The breathing exercise RP 6 from the Efficiency in ZeroZone Training by Dr. Joseph Weissenberg paves the way for a deep breathing movement. The disciple for greatness and 

  • Creator of Vigor and Effective Dynamic
  • Easy do - big result - very effective


You become calmer and more relaxed. If you do this exercise for 5-10 minutes shortly after waking up, you will start the day with more energy. 

It is possible that you will wake up when you do it in the evening. Therefore you should be careful with it and find out for yourself what time is best for you. 

This exercise will help you get more oxygen into your bloodstream and thus increase strength of your immune ssystem. You will find that your breathing will be much more relaxed and your life will be easier. You will also activate your inner healing powers. 

Discover lightness and relaxation. Download it to your mobile phone and you can listen to it anytime, anywhere. 

Good luck to you 

Dr Joseph Weissenberg 

P.S.: Go into the future healthy. You will be happy about the increased knowledge. Superhealth with the Sixpack Power Breathing

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