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Candi Guide Compact PRO V2 English

Create an extremely high-quality magazine for your bridal couples with minimal effort. You will not only get the layout, but also the necessary text licenses for this 78 page magazine. A beautiful, modern design with countless tips for bridal couples with just a few clicks ready for print and to ship.

What's in it for you?

✅78 pages with countless answers to many questions of your bridal couples

✅Includes all important topics about the wedding process, inspiration for planning as well as essential information for the wedding day and the basis for the best wedding pictures

✅An open Indesign (Adobe) file for your own use and for easy customization and extensions

✅You don't use Indesign? No problem, you will also get a PDF from which you can easily copy the texts to use for your prefered tool

✅ Perpetual license for offline use of all copy or parts of text as well as the design, for quick creation of your own magazine

✅Video instructions to get started quickly

✅Tips and tricks for printing and what you should pay attention to when exporting

✅New clients who are well-prepared for their big day

✅Better wedding photos because your customers trust your expert tips

✅Two text versions - fo individuals and teams ("I" vs "we")

✅Special offer for high-quality printing in small print runs at our partner print shop

60-day Money-Back-Guarantee

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