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The Golden Age of Relationships



5 live changing webinars 

access to a privat Facebook community of like minded people, empowering each other through sharings and realizations, I will be sharing different keys and supporting you within this group

you can watch them online or download the video and audio only files

these are living recordings which will support you to grow and as you repeat them you will receive every time more keys


1. Webinar - FRI 15.05.2020 9 PM ATHENS TIME


It is really healthy for you to know what relationship programming is active in you. You may be living other peoples unfulfilled expectations and wishes. This illusions can create a lot of pressure and anxiety. For example: marriage, children, religious believe systems, sexuality and traditions 
In this webinar I will be supporting you to set yourself free from this conditioning, so you can find your true way of living your relationship and really accept it and live it.


2. Webinar - TUE 19.05.2020 9 PM ATHENS TIME


Fears have a tendency to close you off emotionally and disconnect from yourself and your partner. 
I invite you to ask yourself what are your fears in your relationship or about being in a relationship? 
Really give yourself space to reflect and stay in the body while reflecting.

What anxieties do you have about your relationship? 

In this coming webinar and Facebook Group we will be asked to address this fears and feel in and become conscious of where they are from and whats behind them. 

​By becoming conscious about them this will open a much clearer space to get to the root of them and transform them during the webinar. 


3. Webinar - FRI 22.05.2020 9 PM ATHENS TIME


It is so easy when confrontation comes up to get out of the body and become disconnected.

At this stage all the programming will pop up from the subconsciousness. A lot of the time this programming is not even belong to you.

You have taken on as a child by watching your parents handling their conflicts and protection. 

​The more you become aware of this and how your partner may play out his/her programming, you can learn more productive and less damaging ways to grow together. 

​This will open up a space for growth and a deeper understanding of each other needs.  


4. Webinar - TUE 26.05.2020 9 PM ATHENS TIME


Do you know what you really want from your relationship? What needs do you have? 

Are you aware of your partners needs? 

In this webinar you will learn to identify which needs are coming from your soul or are the result of your childhood wounds or other believes. 

By transforming this you will gain more self-confidence to express your needs and feel more safe and nourished in your relationship. It will also give you a deeper understanding of your partners needs so you can enjoy giving and receiving. 


5. Webinar - FRI 29.05.2020 9 PM ATHENS TIME


Communication is not only with words. It's with our whole being. If you communicating only from your mind, your are disconnected from your being and you are not present. You are talking from old programming.

What I invite you to do is to bring consciousness into your communication by being fully present with yourselves and your partner.

We all have a strong need to be felt, heard and understood and if we don't feel this or our partner doesn't feel this we will open up many old wounds and illusions in each other and create more separation. 

​This webinar will be about releasing the old ways of communication and becoming more present of your full being in your communication. This way you will giving the full expression of yourself and it will be much more easier for other people to really get you. 


After the payment you will receive a confirmation email from Digistore24, it contains also the the links for the Webinars, the Facebook Community and the Recordings!

You can watch the Webinars via Zoom or YouTube Live! 

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