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Ninja Automation

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The main POD platforms
MBA (Merch by Amazon DE,US,UK,FR,IT,ES) , Amazon KDP, Spreadshirt DE, Spreadshirt US, Redbubble, Shirtee, Teepublic, Displate, Printful + (All 8 Printful Marketplaces), Zazzle

Fully integrated UI

All listing functions editable via UI. KDP Categories, MBA Colors, Shirtee Categories and much more

Trademark Check & Translation

Check your complete listing with one click (DPMA, USPTO) or translate it into the following languages (DE, EN, IT, ES)

Custom Excel Import/Export

Import your own Excel files with all necessary settings. Or use Excel files from other tools

History function

Write listings and save them in your history with one click. Create templates or manage your upload history

Full KDP Tools

KDP Category Search, KDP Description Editor all configurable via UI or Excel.

Bulk Image Converter

Convert your MBA designs into different formats (Displate, MBA Hoodie, MBA Popsocket and many more) 

Drop Zone Image Import

Bulk image import with predefined settings via drag and drop

Captcha Solver

Your uploads are not interrupted by annoying captchas. Our integrated captcha solver solves 95% of all captchas!

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