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Reinvent Your Dairy at Home - 80+ Delicious Vegan Recipes

by Leo Caputti and Timi Domonics

Vegan, Free of Gluten and Refined Sugar - Full of Flavour

  • Delicious raw and cooked recipes for all levels of experience

  • Vegan milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, cream, smoothies, desserts and more

  • Gluten-free, soy-free, mostly oil-free with wholesome ingredients

  • Simple instructions, easy to follow recipes

  • Additional 35+ pages with valuable content to get you started


More than just a recipe book, you also get...

Nutritional information and practical tips

  • What you need to know about cow’s milk

  • Health concerns about dairy

  • Calcium rich foods versus calcium stealing foods

  • Common challenges when substituting dairy and how to master them

  • Useful cooking utensils and ingredients

  • How to easily substitute refined sugar with natural sweeteners


►  "Reinvent Your Dairy at Home" comes as digital PDF file for your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop - take it anywhere you want

►  Instant download - no waiting time, no shipping costs 

►  60-day money back guarantee

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How would your life change if you had more energy, increased mental clarity, balanced emotions, clearer skin or a leaner body?
Delicious, vibrant raw food can help you with that.

Only now you can add the ebook "Raw Vegan Abundance" with 55 nourishing raw food recipes for just 18$ instead of 22$ to your order. Including 35+ pages of practical knowledge and tips to get you started!

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About "Raw Vegan Abundance"...


This book is a beautiful outline of colourful living foods. Easy to prepare at home or on the road. A powerful roadmap for everyone who wants to transition to food that is nutrient dense and satisfying for body and soul. It gives a lot of insights of important wisdom that the commercial food industry won’t tell. About health in general and how powerful it is to take health and the own body into one’s hands. Information everyone should know. Thanks for sharing your light, Anais.


I absolutely love this eBook! It is a fantastic resource, jam packed with information and advice, and it gives readers the confidence to incorporate more living foods into their lifestyle. The recipe portion and meal plan does not disappoint! I am delighted that the recipes are quick and simple to make, plus they taste absolutely delicious with minimal prep time or equipment. Anais approaches the raw vegan lifestyle in a simple and holistic way with sound evidence and nutritional information, this book gives readers practical information to make this lifestyle sustainable. Whether you are interested in incorporating more whole foods and plant-based nutrition in your life, or are following a raw vegan diet already, this book is inspiring, gorgeous and well planned out. It’s a wonderful and resourceful book, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone.

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