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The golden age of relationships. part two




5 live changing webinars 

access to a private Facebook community of like minded people, empowering each other through sharings and realizations, I will be sharing different keys and supporting you within this group



you can watch them online or download the video and audio-only files

these are living recordings which will support you to grow and as you repeat them you will receive every time more keys





1. Webinar - MON 29.06.2020 9 PM ATHENS TIME



We are energy and vibration and when we are born, we have a genetic place, which is a unique energy field of information and has everything in it for growth. It contains all the information for our souls development. 

Each person and everyone in your family has this unique field of information. 

If your genetics are not clear, your partner could become your child or the father or the mother of yourself. This will overwhelm you and your partner and is the root of many relationship topics.

In this webinar you will have the opportunity to clear your own genetic place and your relationship seat. So you can have a really clear connection with your partner in every area of your relationship. 


2. Webinar - THU 02.07.2020 9 PM ATHENS TIME



Any sort of deadness which is in our subconsciousness or our systems, blocks life-force and blocks the flow of finances.

Often we bring our financial topics into our relationship or merge our partners financial topics with ours.

We take a look at your spending habits, talk about how each of you handling money and how to handle it as a couple.

We are going into depth to clear the obstacles and the deadness from your system and your relationship seat to open up a free flow of creation and life-force and taking full sovereignty of your financial flow into your life.  


3. Webinar - MON 06.07.2020 9 PM ATHENS TIME



The information of how we are conceived, affects the way we are intimate with our partner. For example if you are a love child or if you were conceived from your parents disconnection. That is the beginning. 

We will work from clearing all disconnected parts of intimacy in your genetic lines, conception and throughout your life experience to this time and place. I will also work with all the information you taken in in you life. 

We are taking into the bedroom with us the expectations and the mindsets, the role-playing from other systems. I will support you to become conscious about this and be aware whats behind them so that you have the free will to choose what you want to keep in your bedroom.

Intimacy can be one of the most transformational healing experiences of melting and becoming one, with each other souls and you two become one. That will bring down pure connection between your feminine and masculine energies and open up the ability for co-creation 

that allows you to reclaim full sovereignty of your co-creation qualities and gifts of manifestation in your life now. 


4. Webinar - THU 09.07.2020 9 PM ATHENS TIME



Now that we have sovereignty of our co-creation, let's become conscious of the way we create or choose not to create with our partner.  

And learn how to bring our partner into a common vision and creation field.

This will create new paradigms of co-creation in your relationship that can be fun and easy. 

In this webinar I share with you tools of how to create together your dreams and your future. 


5. Webinar - MON 13.07.2020 9 PM ATHENS TIME



Now we've made the shift, from living our relationship from programming of separation.


manifesting our relationship from the programming of separation we now manifesting and recreating a new relationship from our being and giving space for our spirit to make choices and speak through us. Direct connection to our being which than manifest a relationship that supports us to thrive and bring out the best version in each other. 

Let's start creating and visualise the new paradigms of all areas of our relationship. 


After the payment you will receive a confirmation email from Digistore24, it contains also the the links for the Webinars, the Facebook Community and the Recordings!

You can watch the Webinars via Zoom or YouTube Live! 

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