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Activate the leader inside you

Activate the Leader inside you


live changing webinar 


you can watch it online or download the video and audio-only file

this is living recording which will support you to grow and as you repeat it you will receive every time more keys



Webinar - Tuesday 02.06.2020  - 9 PM ATHENS TIME




As a child it was normal that others made decisions for us and told us what to do. 

Often we didn't have an other choice than following the rules of the older ones. 


Because we were used to do what our parents said and often without having the possibility to questioning it, a program of blinding trust in authorities or a kind of obedience was created in us. 

And as we grow older some of that parts of it are still in us running as an unconscious program and wounds.

It is so easy to let others become our father subconsciously and then they decide for us and not being fully aware that with that act we give our power away every time. 

The current situation in the world its playing out in so many levels, in health, politics, the banking system and so many places in the outher world we gave our responsibility away to others.

Let's make a shift together. 

Maybe we couldn't speak up for ourselves as a child, but now that we are grown up it is time to step fully into our power and our own choices. 


In this webinar we will be looking deep into our past to see where our self confidence and trust in our power was left behind. 

This is the time to make a change, our old lives don't work anymore. We need to look back into our past to find where we gave our responsibility to others. 


In reclaiming full responsibility and power of your life you will 



• Be the Leader of Your Live

• Make Clear Decisions from Your Core

• Trust in Your Own Choices 

• Speak Your Inner Truth

• Take Responsibility of Your Finances

• Transform Your Wounds into Strengths

• Be the Adult in Intimacy 

• Follow on Your Own Path with Empathy and Love And Live as a Creator



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You can watch the Webinar via Zoom or YouTube Live! 

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