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Individual bite splints successfully printing in 3D

Finally! Printing splints successfully

We recorded our complete workflow. Just the way we work.With Keyprint soft you‘ll never have returns again.We do not have any returns since six months! You have propably the same trouble with 3D printed splints as we had. I can tell you, it‘s over. No more returns.

In our video training course we show every single step of our successful workflow. With all tips and tricks. Every material we use and why we do so. It starts with scanning over the whole workflow up to the final steps.

Everthing is included. Also some goodies, downloads for free.Now we have six months experience with this material and we put all the essence into this video training.

It‘s like looking over my shoulder while I‘m working.If you buy this video training you make a good investment into yourself or your company because you can implement the workflow right away into your daily production.

In additional you support us in producing more videos to share our know how for a little amount of money.

Yours Jannick and Wolfgang

- Bade Zahntechnik Training                    download product

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