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Hands-on Career Coaching

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Use my 20+ years' experience to make your next career move a special success. In my upcoming online coaching sessions, I will be very happy to give you hands-on answers to your personal questions regarding your career.

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Group coaching allows people to use my extensive experience as an international career coach to achieve their career goals even if they are on a budget. You will share my time with others but this is not a setback. As a matter of fact, a few people always ask very similar questions during the coaching sessions.

That allows me to answer more than one question in one go, which saves time. And you may even benefit from a question by someone else that is very relevant to your situation too but you would not have thought of it.

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Email course "How to Write a Power CV"

Your CV / résumé is the central element of your job application and particularly important at the beginning of the application process.

If you want to create a highly convincing CV for your applications, here is a special email course for it. Step by step, you will learn everything that is important to consider. And concrete examples, specific instructions and manageable tasks will help you put theory into practice.

The course consists of 10 lessons titled:

  • Lesson 1: Only achievements count
  • Lesson 2: List of Successes and headshot
  • Lesson 3: Silence is golden
  • Lesson 4: Header
  • Lesson 5: Work experience and education
  • Lesson 6: Further categories
  • Lesson 7: Keywords for search engines
  • Lesson 8: Current "overall" job title and summary
  • Lesson 9: Attachments
  • Lesson 10: Bonus offer

After a few days, your reward will be a real Power CV.

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