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Anxiety Support Summit 2020 - Premium Audio Package

Keep it forever: The Download Package with all and MP3s 
  • Twenty-five interviews with different experts covering all aspects of health while primarily focussing on how to alleviate your anxiety.
  • Available to you in both video and audio files so you can sit and watch in the comfort of your own home or listen when you’re on the go.
  • Download so you can access and revisit at any time to help you get a better grasp of your health as you exchange negative patterns holding you back for positive ones to propel you forward.
  • Enjoy the luxury of going at your own pace.

 Éadaoin wrote:
"Hi Nicky & George, I hope now that you have had a few days to digest some of the comments on all of the talks that you realise that "the shit load of hours" you and George spent planning this amazing summit, has given the listeners and me a "shit load" of knowledge, entertainment and strategies to begin the life long journey of accepting ,living and dealing with anxiety. You have given me the hope, inspiration and courage , at the exact right time in my life, to befriend my anxiety, to tackle my anxiety and to be a better form of me before I let it consume my life for years. This summit has been an absolute gift! Maith Sibh!"

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