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Take Control of Your Health and

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Health Hero Masterclass

Take Control of Your Health, Heal Your Gut, end Acid Indigestion and GERD and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!

There are 6 In-Depth Modules with Video Classes & Workbooks AND NOW a bonus 6th module on GERD to specifically address digestive health.
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Partha Nandi M.D., F.A.C.P is the creator and host of the nationally and internationally syndicated medical lifestyle television show, Ask Dr. Nandi, reaching 95 million homes daily.

Judy Lost 25lbs!
In Judy’s Masterclass journey, she learned tips to easily lose stubborn pounds, end her battle with depression, form deeper and richer relationships with her husband and family, make new friendships and find a new sense of balance and calm in the face of life’s stressors.
Patty Found Her Mojo!
Patty’s Masterclass experience resulted in her losing weight AND over 10 inches. She regained excitement about life, more joy and presence, gained deeper and richer relationships with her daughter, family and friends, and found a new sense of balance and calm in the face of life’s daily stressors.
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