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Varicocele - Treatment Now Freedom Forever

Varicocele - Treatment Now, Freedom Forever.

The truth about varicocele and how to get rid of it for the rest of your life.

Treat the causes of varicocele now. Simply follow the proven working system to reduce varicocele swelling and treat symptoms such as pain, infertility and hormone imbalances in a simple and safe way. The Varicocele Treatment Guide is suitable for all men with varicocele - whether surgery is imminent, has already taken place or is to be avoided.

Those affected are often not sufficiently informed and in many cases are sent home by the urologists due to insufficient indicators for a possible operation, without first receiving detailed information about possible countermeasures or natural forms of treatment.

This guide provides information about the causes, risk factors and all treatment methods of varicocele. It is also intended to help the patient decide whether natural or surgical treatment is appropriate in the individual case.

  • How can acute pain be relieved?
  • How do you achieve long-term freedom from pain?
  • How can fertility be improved?
  • How do you deal with varicocele in everyday life?
  • Which sports are suitable?
  • What kind of diet is sensible?
  • What dietary supplements are available?
  • What are the risk factors for further development and how can they be counteracted?
  • Why does stress have a negative effect on varicocele and how can it be better managed?
  • When is surgery / embolization useful?
  • How does one prepare for an operation / sclerotherapy?


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