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Conscious Evolution Summit 2020 download package

The Conscious Evolution Summit is over, but you can still enjoy the recordings of 30 interviews from 42 experts.

This is the download package for Conscious Evolution Summit 2020

This download package includes:

  1. 30 interviews in MP3 format

  2. 30 interviews in two different MP4 formats

  3. 9 recordings from live sessions in video

  4. Bonus Material (value €199)

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Grace says:

"As I reflect on my year, I am clear your conscious evolution summit is one of the highlights this year. Your powerful journey and work clearly hit the mark of what we are all striving for - to consciously evolve. I salute you and thank you for your bravery to come forward in a capacity with which others have not quite been able. The world of tele summits is changing and you have presented a model that is compassionate, kind and inclusive. I felt and saw that."

Tomar says:

"I have watched many summits over the years and yours I would rank at the very top, among the two or three most meaningful, deep, and impactful. Your presence and love were as responsible for this as the depth and wisdom of your guests. Also, on a purely technical basis, the beauty of the production created a nurturing package for the delivery of the content. Thank you, thank you for all you give.I do hope you will continue. It is so rare to have someone of your consciousness doing summits of this breadth."

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