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MZ3 pro

MZ3 pro: off-line and online publications; great functionality

Unlimited number of Offline Books and 3 Activation Keys for 3 Online Books are included in the MZ3 pro package.

This variant is a perfect fit for small business and high end private users.

With enhanced SEO support, full text search and gallery function.
Thanks to the additional representation in text form, a full-text search is possible and the texts are readable by search robots also (SEO: Search Engine Optimization).

If you don't need your own customer logo and can live with the "poweredBy" logo (no white label functionality requested) and can do without a convenient configuration of Google Analytics and pop-up windows, you will get all you need in a powerful, affordable package.

Additional activation keys can be ordered for a reasonable price, starting at €6.68 net per book.

Details can be found in the product overview.

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