Metagrid Trade Manager and Analysis for MT4

With this easy-to-use trade manager, you can manage all of your trades. It fits all trading methods and styles: grid trading, hedge grids, automatically trendline trading, automatically Fibonacci retrace entries, candle close break-even, auto calculation of the correct lot size, dynamic moving average, and many more.

This trade manager for MT4 comes with over 100 functions. 

​It comes with hidden stop-losses and hidden targets and a hidden trailer. You can plan trades with Stop and Limit Orders.

This is the Standard Version we also offer a Premium Version with even more functions and an Expert Advisor (scroll down please)

Agimat Signal Scanner

The Agimat Signal Scanner (formerly called Uncle Scanner) gives signals for the Agimat trading system 2020 and 2018. You can set a lot of filters to get the best signals. By default, it scans for so-called Uncle Lee Setups, but you can change a lot of the settings. You can set alerts for Original Agimat2020 rules, the blue peak arrows, and the yellow trend boxes. time.

Ultimate Scanner 2023

This unique scanner shows for all nine timeframes trading signals (Blue Arrows & Yellow Boxes). It shows the weak and the strong signals, the fresh signals, and on which timeframes pin bars were found. With one view you can see what is going on for up to 28 pairs on all timeframes on a single dashboard. It was never so easy to trade. The dashboard shows the signals in real time. On our YouTube channel, you can learn how to trade with these signals.

Zero Hero Scanner

The Zero Hero scanner is a trading tool for Metatrader 4 and for the so-called Zero Hero Trading method. It scans up to 30 forex pairs and 4 timeframes at once. It gives you signals if a new Zero Hero trade was found.

Supply-Demand Indicator

Trading supply and demand zones is one of the most powerful trading methods. The concept is based on the fact that banks and institutional investors open their trades on positions where the cheapest price (buy trades) or the most expensive price (sell trades) can be obtained.

With the supply and demand indicator, you can find exactly such positions.

Our indicator analyses the market structure, the volumes, and the candle structures of nine timeframes in less than a second. 

-Find entries with a very small stop-loss and with large targets

-Find positions where you should go out of the market
-Analyse nine timeframes in less than a second
-Three different analyses modes
-Built-in scanner for potential setups (BETA)
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Metagrid Standard Version

Over 100 functions included 

from 08/21/2024 on
Metagrid Premium Version

Over 100 functions like the standard versions


- daily generated order blocks for all forex pairs, metals, and indices

- daily generated Bank buy and sell levels

- Multi-Timeframe Trendlines

- Multi-Timeframe Support and Resistance lines

- Expert Advisor (EA) which can trade price action and order blocks

from 08/21/2024 on