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BLVD - Classic Preset Collection 2.0

This set is all you need to get startet - the ideal basis: It includes a total of 9 high quality presets for Lightroom & Photoshop and 8 helpful tools. If you like to photograph portraits, couples or weddings and you like your editing to be clean and warm, this timeless allrounder is perfect for you. We are especially proud of the colors!  Add these looks to your preset arsenal and start editing today!

We worked on the beauties for a few months together with some amazing photographers from our community and we are really proud! These presets create a warm, soft and natural look! Speed up your workflow and push your work to the next level with this essential kit! After your purchase you can directly download the zip file with the presets. We like to keep things simple in a fast-moving world. Complexity is everywhere. We have one clear objective: Give people a simple & awesome way to edit their photos.

  • 9 Lightroom Presets
  • 8 Tools for Lightroom
  • Installation Guide


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