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Channeling - Reading

Receive ground-breaking, healing, efficient calls from the highest spirits.

You need fast information, concrete answers or you want immediate support?

I dive into your light-field of pure light energy and read from your akash, connect with your spirits and reply to your request from here. 

Together with your reading you will receive highest spiritual frequencies and energies that can heal you and your respective subject.

Please consider that the Floating Energy® - healing energies are highly frequent and efficient and you can receive and sense them very intensive. Enjoy what your system needs at the given point in time and receive the words while you relax and while you are with yourself.

You will receive your individual channeling as mp3 format within 36 hours following to your booking. The intensity and duration refers to your booking. The time of the reading is decided by your system.

Please consider: With the transfer of the reading from your field you will receive highly efficient Floating Energy® - Healing energy that can be perceived very intensively. Enjoy the gifts that your field offers to you.

Please provide your system with what it needs the most at the given moment. Best is if you receive the words and energy while you are in relaxed mode, undisturbed and at your own.

Please provide your mobile number with your booking. You will receive the reading as mp3 via Whatsapp or Telegram.

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2-5 minutes - short request

You have a short request or need a quick guidance for direction, some healing words and energy

from 02/25/2021 on
More information and more intensive healing

5-8 minutes reading and efficient healing energies. 1-3 answers from the spiritual world.

from 02/25/2021 on
Intensive reading and coaching - distance healing

You need healing and support at many levels of your being. Here you receive the combination of a reading from your spiritual field together with an Floating Energy®- distance healing. This is pure healing on each and every level. Just wonder-ful. 

from 02/25/2021 on