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SAP Extended Warehouse Management Database Training

Here it is - we are proud to present to you - the first SAP Extended Warehouse Management Database Course out there.

Take a look behind the scenes of SAP Extended Warehouse Management and discover how the SAP EWM database works for some of the most used and most common objects in the warehouse process..

Understand how the EWM operates behind the scenes. what the important database tables are and how they interact with each other when you execute the Standard SAP EWM functionalitites.

This course is meant for people that want to learn more than the average SAP Consultant and get to another level of SAP EWM expertise.

The tables and interaction being shown also help you for developing your own SAP EWM programs through ABAP development. It's only if you truly understand the database logic that you are really able to write viable SAP ABAP programs for SAP EWM.

FORMAT: Video Course
DURATION: 2:48 hours

Access to the KnowYourEWM Membership area and the purchased Video Training Course

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