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Homeopathy Summit Package

Homeopathy Summit Package (english) GET INFORMED AND INSPIRED BY MANY EXPERTS 28+ expert interviews with exciting input, great inspiration and lots of useful tips are 24/7/365 and immediately available to you – you can view or download them online. Dr Pradeep Kumar Gupta, Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Jon Gamble, Dr Ronald D. Whitmont and many more…

  • 28+ video interviews with national and internationally renowned experts (over 25 hours of inspiring video material)
  • permanent access to the exclusive member area
  • immediate & 24/7 access to the entire video library with download option
  1. Use the energy of the beginning and start new with this energy bundle of wisdom & life support
  2. Get the complete video library of 28+ high-quality and unique wisdom teachings from excellent speakers for less than 2 € per video
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