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eBook Epoxy Resin - Arts and Crafts for Beginners

You are interested in Epoxy Resin and would like to start creating stunning Resin art pieces? Then you are in the right place!


With our Epoxy Resin eBook for arts and crafts, you will will learn:


  • What is Epoxy Resin and how to work with it safely.
  • All necessary supplies, hacks and tools for the best results.
  • Easy to understand step-by-step instructions for mixing and best consistency.
  • Detailed tutorials for 7 different projects


Bonus content:

  • Effective solutions for common error sources
    Exclusive tips & tricks for better results and that "special touch".
  • Link to our Epoxy Resin calculator




Note: You will receive this eBook as a Pdf file. The file can be provided with a visible or invisible watermark that allows you to identify as the buyer for copyright purposes.

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