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Liberating Trauma inflicted on our Nervous System


Liberating Trauma inflicted on our Nervous System by the Media


2 live changing webinars



you can watch them online or download the video and audio-only files

These are living recordings which will support you to grow and as you repeat them you will receive every time more keys



1. Webinar - Part one

Friday 27 November 2020  - 9 PM ATHENS TIME


2. Webinar - Part two

 Sunday 29 November 2020  - 9 PM ATHENS TIME






The media has exposed us to traumatic experiences, deliberate conditioning, and fearful news. We are constantly  embodying fear which does not belong to us and has attacked our nervous systems with more anxiety. We remain stimulated by these same frequencies which obstructs us from arriving at our truths and reconnecting with our spirits.


Join this two-part webinar series to deprogram these traumas from the genetic, cellular, and subconscious level and strengthen our ability to detach ourselves from these channels.

We will be working deep through the conditioning of our minds, tracing and resurfacing traumas all the way back from our childhood and previous generations. 


Acknowledging these different mediums and how they have governed our lives is the first step to liberating ourselves from the system. This journey will re-ignite our power to find truth and to reconnect with ourselves, our environment and our non-physical world. The further we release these subconscious effects, the more we can honor who are as spirits and as communities.



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You can watch the Webinar via Zoom or YouTube Live! 

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