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HAYmoments X 23timezones Lightroom Presets

We worked on these set for a long time and optimized it in the last couple of
months. Now it’s perfect and we bet you will love the natural colors! The set
includes a total of 18 high quality presets (8x color, 1x black / white) for
Lightroom Desktop & Lightroom Mobile app. These presets are not only
perfect to give your travel pics an incredible look but also to get a warm &
cozy touch to your daily snapshots!
With our presets you can speed up your workflow and edit hundreds of
pictures from your holidays etc. in just a couple of minutes. Installation is
pretty easy as we prepared an installation guide in German and a step by
step mobile installation guide with pictures in English. After ordering you can
directly download the presets. Try it now!
Please remember the outcome depends on how you shoot and what light
you prefer when taking pictures. To show you how our presets come out we
took completely diverse pictures to show in the before/after section. Some of
our photos were shot in shadow or with backlight, but some snapshots were
taken just during the day in the sun. Presets are a perfect point to start
editing but keep in mind that sometimes you have to adjust brightness or
anything else. All of the photos on our website are edited with our presets.

Including 18 custom presets in total
• Installation Guide Desktop & Mobile in German
• Step by Step Installation Guide Mobile in English
• 9 Lightroom Desktop Presets
• 9 Lightroom App Mobile Presets (download the free App!)
How to use:
Cozy at home - favorite one for soft natural tones
I like u a lot - works for so many occasions, especially darker shots during sunset, backlight..
gives every photo a warm touch
Oh Baby - cozy family indoor shots? Or amazing sunset shots done with backlight? Yes please! It
works for both!
Day Dreamer - perfect for tropical shots with lots of blues and beaches
Classy Bw - makes every picture a little artsy
All time favorite - yes it’s our all time favorite presets for outdoor & indoor
Family Adventure - works pretty well also for shots in the sun
Living in the alps - good for greens/ blues
Travel love - warm tones especially for outdoors
Don’t forget to use #23timezonespresets #haymomentspresets on Instagram, so we can support
you there!

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EUR 49.95
EUR 49.95
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Verena R. sagt:

Die Presets sind Mega!! Ich bin echt begeistert :)) Super Easy anzuwenden. Viele lieben Dank!

Martin O. sagt:

Passt zu jeder Situation und muss nur ganz wenig, bis gar nicht nachjustieren. Perfekt für mich.

Patrick F. sagt:

Ich kann einfach nur sagen „Genial". Wie einfach man die Presets installiert. Meine Handy Fotos sehen jetzt einfach Weltklasse aus. Danke Danke :)


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Jessica A. sagt:

Durch die jetzige Situation habe ich viel Zeit meine Fotos mal nachzubearbeiten. Und mittels die 23timeszones Presets sehen meine Fotos viel schöner aus wie davor. perfekt danke euch. Liebe Grüße Jessy.

Sarah M. sagt:

Ich bin selbst Fotografin und schau mir eure Bilder immer gerne auf Instagram an und habe eure Weltreise verfolgt. Eure Presets sind ein Traum und so natürlich!Das All time Favorite Preset verwende ich am liebsten, danke euch!

Anna S. sagt:

Endlich kann ich meine Urlaubsbilder auch so schön und vor allem so schnell bearbeiten - sehr coole Presets!

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