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Embodying our Freedom



2 live changing webinars



you can watch them online or download the video and audio-only files

These are living recordings which will support you to grow and as you repeat them you will receive every time more keys



1. Webinar - Part one

Sunday 27 December 2020  - 9 pm ATHENS TIME


2. Webinar - Part two

Tuesday 29 December 2020  - 9 pm ATHENS TIME





The first step to honoring our freedom and abundance is to recognize the abuse in our system. This year we have lived our lives under restrictive rules, isolation and fear which has become so normalized that we don't identify this as abuse. 


This two-part webinar series dismantles the illusions of abuse and fear in order to come into 2021 embracing our true creator. By the second webinar, we focus on pure presence. We will allow our lives to be driven by freedom and confidence to create any reality we desire, on every level of our lives. Being completely present in a moment and manifesting our truths is our freedom. As we work to release our fears that we project into the future, we are becoming free.


After the payment you will receive a confirmation email from Digistore24, it contains also the link for the Webinar and the Recording!

You can watch the Webinar via Zoom or YouTube Live! 

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